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Highly accessible data combined with effective data exploration lays the foundations for a good digital analytics setup.

We can efficiently set up and optimise data analytics software and platforms across your business to start harnessing the power of your data.

We’re Google Analytics Consultants

Analytics is about understanding, we all fully engaged with the fact that the ultimate task is to understand your data and to use it to shape and improve your business strategy.

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Web Analytics Services

Google Tag Manager Setup

We will effectively setup your Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager accounts. This ensures that you have the appropriate tracking for your website, mobile or web application.

Google Analytics Audit

Whether you’re looking to setup a new website or just want your existing GA analytics analysed, we can provide you with an Google Analytics audit including a list of actionable recommendations.

A/B Split Testing With Google Optimize

Increase your revenue with conversion rate optimisation with Google Optimize. We will run A/B split tests and will report on the results of your winning tests.

Google Data Studio Setup

We can help you create completely customisable reports. Additionally, you can combine this with our data engineering services to produce unique reports by pushing all of your data into BigQuery.

Need Help With Your Web Analytics?

We’d love to help you effectively setup analytics for your website or application.

Why Use A Digital Analytics Service?

Optimising Your Website

Digital analytics can suss out your best content, your most effective funnels and the pages where visitors spend the most time browsing. This data can be analysed to help you understand how customers interact with your business, their behaviour and their journey. Build funnels using data to capture more leads and convert them into sales.

Understand Your Customers Better

Data analytics is pivotal to market research. Knowledge is power when it comes to converting leads and analytics is your handle on what makes your audience tick. Discover actionable insights about customers and use this data to implement strategies that enhance sales and ROI from marketing and advertising.

Shape your Business’s Future

Analytics provides us with information on where you are and where you can go in the future. Explore changes in customer behaviour, shifting trends in purchases and possible future buying intentions. Use data to optimise campaigns and target when the time is right.

Why Choose Our Web Analytics Services?

Data Quality

We always ensure that data inducted through pipelines for analysis is clean and good quality. Quality data always has an enhanced and positive impact on your ROI and bottom line as it’s free from costly inaccuracies.

Analysis and Insight

Data must have a purpose, it must be actionable. We ensure that data is not simply siloed for the sake of it, we visualise it, interpret it and implement it to drive success in your business.

Serverless Data Lakes

We can run serverless pipelines to combine all of your data into BigQuery, allowing you to easily view all of your data in Google Data Studio.

Digital Analytics Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Digital Analytics Important?

Digital analytics helps businesses understand their industry and customers in finer detail. This helps strategise everything from marketing and advertising to procurement and the supply chain. Analysis creates understandings, it is the element of the data process that capitalises on data to actually convert it into insight. That insight can then be used to create reports and models.

How Do You Analyse Digital Data?

Data analysis starts with clean data inducted via good quality data architecture. Analysis is only purposeful when using data relevant to your strategy. Clear problems will be defined at the beginning of the data science process and analysis will be used to break these problems down, see how data can create a picture and then work to create conclusions, or insights. Insights can then be used to remodel/tweak existing models, or can be used to report on elements of a business.

What Are Digital Analytics Tools?

We work with a huge range of tools, though Google Analytics has become somewhat of a one-stop-shop and mastering it and its associated tools/products is top of the agenda for quality digital analysis. Combined with Google Tag Manager, Google Optimize and Google Data Studio, Google Analytics is formidable!

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